Nintendo Switch and 3DS

Nintendo is easily one of the most innovative companies when it comes to the video game industry, with ideas like Nintendo Labo, the Nintendo Switch itself and many more surprisingly weird ideas that just work. Now Nintendo has filed a patent for Separate Screens allowing Communication for Switch 3DS, check out the details below

Nintendo files Patent for Separate Screens for Switch 3DS

Published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on April 12, Nintendo’s latest patent application is for a game system with “a plurality of information processing apparatuses that are capable of communicating with each other.”

These processing apparatuses are located inside stand-alone screens, and by touching two or more of them together, information can be sent between the screens and some sort of game mechanic will be triggered.

Switch 3DS
Switch 3DS Screen Communication

Nintendo’s creativity when taking local multiplayer in context has always been amazing, from Gameboy to Nintendo switch, everything has been consumer friendly, and this too seems like an excellent idea for gamers to share experiences together. You can read the patent here.

Examples in the patent show some interesting concepts for both the Switch and 3DS

  • Finger dragged seamlessly from one screen to the other.
  • A ball moving seamlessly from one screen to the other.
  • It appears one screen can even be angled upward in order to provide momentum for an object as it approaches the second screen, such as a bowling ball about to hit a set of pins.
  • More than 2 screens can be placed together to create a 3D image as well.

Though there isn’t more information currently, but it seems that we’ll be seeing games that will be making use of this very interesting feature. For more information regarding this patent and it’s possibilities, stay tuned to TNM.

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