Spider Man Gameplay E3 2018 Trailer Revealed at Sony E3 Expo

Spider-man PS4
Spider-man PS4

Marvel fans, Spider Man fans, PlayStation users and Gamers in general, the new Spider Man E3 2018 trailer is finally out. Sony have released a new trailer starring the web head in his new game, which will be a Sony PlayStation exclusive. The action adventure game is set to release later this year, on September 7th, 2018.

After being announced at Sony’s E3 2016 conference, 2 years ago, we get another look at the upcoming game, in the new Spider Man Gameplay E3 2018 Trailer. There is loads of stuff going on around in the trailer. The game is set in an open world New York City. Along with the regular web slinging and wall crawling, new features include the use of parkour when moving around the city, crafting different gadgets as well as alternative suites, boasting special powers.

The latest trailer takes us out of the city and in to a lot of action as we see the webhead take on enemies and better use of the web swinging mechanic in the open seas as he tries to stop prisoners of an off-short prison trying to escape.

Spider Man Gameplay E3 2018 Trailer at Sony Expo

Marvel’s Spider Man franchise has had a lot of video games over the years. The numerous games starring the world’s favorite spider have been released on many different platforms over the years including all the different iterations of the Xbox, all the different iterations of the PlayStation and on PC. Spider Man has also made appearances in other games, such as the Marvel Vs. Capcom franchise.

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