PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit Released As PS4 Jailbreak Gets Closer

PS4 Firmware 4.55 Jailbreak Released

Only a few moments ago, the PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit has been released to the public, and this means that the gap between firmware is steadily drawing to a close. What started with the firmware being stuck on 4.05 for the longest period, means that the jailbreak community is now hot on the heels of catching up to Sony’s latest firmware which is 5.55 as of writing this.

Keep in mind that the kernel exploit releasing is part of a longer process, and you still need the webkit along with a lot more other resources before you can upgrade your PS4’s jailbroken firmware.

PS4 Jailbreak is still long way!

PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit

We can’t give you a guide or such on doing so, but you will find plenty of them on Google and YouTube.

While it was only a matter of time before the jailbreaking community caught up with Sony, it seems that the gap is steadily closing and now Sony will have to significantly ramp up their firmware security if they are to slow down the community from doing this to the future updates of the firmware.

We can’t share the download links or the methods to acquiring the files, but as stated above, Google is your friend.

Keep in mind that these consoles are very risky if you plan on maintaining your legit account along with one, if you have lots of money invested into your account, you should know that Sony spared no one who went online with a jailbroken PS3, and they won’t care how much you have invested in your account if you hop on a jailbroken PS4 with your main ID.

PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit

The tweets below verify the existence of the 5.05 Kernel Exploit, and they are ready to implement, what are your thoughts on the exploit and do you think Sony will step up their security in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!




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