Pokemon Clone TemTem Pre-Order Bonus Revealed with Pricing and Details

TemTem Pre-Order Bonus

Temtem is an upcoming massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokémon. The game is currently headed to PC and now you can pre-order it. Here are all the details you need to know about the TemTem Pre-Order Bonus, it’s pricing and content.

The game will also launch on consoles including the Nintendo Switch, but you can currently only pre-order it on PC.

TemTem Pre-Order Bonus for PC

The game is now available for Pre-Order right now and will give you the following bonuses

  • You will get access to the final game, when it’s released, and access to the current Alpha right now.
  • You will also receive a bunch of free cosmetic items.

Currently, you can only pre-order the game at Discord, but it will become available on Steam later.

TemTem Price for PC and Nintendo Switch

TemTem is priced at:

  • USD: $34.99
  • Euro: €30.99
  • Pound: £27.49.

TemTem Pre-Order Duration on Discord

The store will be open for two weeks, and during this time, if you do pre-order, you’ll get access to the alpha build and play alongside players with access to it. You don’t need Discord Nitro to pre-purchase the game, and it doesn’t add anything special to the pre-order as well

TemTem Steam Migration?

Keep in mind, that currently, you won’t be able to pre-purchase the game on Steam, and you won’t be able to migrate this version of the game to Steam as well.

TemTem Steam and Discord Crossplay

You will be able to access crossplay on both Steam and Discord, and anyone playing the alpha can play with each other.

TemTem Alpha Progress

All your progress during the Alpha build of the game will wipe, once the game launches officially.

TemTem Cross-saves

If you choose to get the game on both Discord and Steam, you will be able to make use of the cross-save feature as well.

What do you think about TemTem? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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