PlayStation 4 Nacon Controller New Version Announced with Wireless Support

PlayStation 4 Nacon Controller

One of the fundamental aspects of how your gaming experience goes is how convenient the controls are. Control convenience requires a good controller in the first place. People reportedly loved the Xbox Controller design because of the accessibility that it had to offer. If you’re on PS4, want to optimize your gaming experience and you love a new controller with customizability, the PlayStation 4 Nacon Controller might be exactly what you need.

This is basically a third party controller that is officially licensed by PlayStation. The controller was recently revealed through the PlayStation Twitter account via the following tweet:

This controller boasts an impressive amount of customizability with a variety of things such as different weight balances for the grips. Different analog customizing options. The most stand-out changes for the PlayStation 4 Nacon Controller are:

  • Bluetooth Dongle for Wireless play on PS4.
  • Led indicator for battery levels.
  • More buttons and a rubber grip.
  • Four shortcut buttons.

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller for PS4 looks like a very promising option for players who want to really add that extra layer to make their gaming experience all the richer.

Below are some more images of the controller and all of its various features outlined in the video attached to PlayStations tweet.

PlayStation 4 Nacon Controller
PlayStation 4 Nacon Controller

If you’re wondering what the box of this very slick looking controller looks like and you’re obsessed with watching unboxing videos, we’ve got one for you right here:

The Nacon controller is out now for PS4 and is available for 150 euros at the game shops in Europe. Credit to user L.O.R.D on resetera for organizing all of this information.

Are you excited for this new controller for the PlayStation 4? Which controller do you prefer? Do you like having customizable controllers? Let us know in the comments below and keep it here at TheNerdMag!