Original Guilty Gear for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC Announced

Guilty Gear for Nintendo Switch
Guilty Gear

The original Guilty Gear, that came out back in 1998 for the PlayStation is now headed to current home consoles including PC, PS4 and the fastest selling console in US history, the Nintendo Switch. Check out the details for Guilty Gear for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC here.

Original Guilty Gear for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC

Arc System Works are currently playing the original Guilty Gear on Twitch live as we speak, check out the Stream below on their official Twitch channel here.

There are no announcements other than the fact that the game is headed to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, but considering it has been announced here, a Release Date and official announcement is expected soon.

Here’s a screenshot from the stream showing the game being played

Guilty Gear for Nintendo Switch
Original Guilty Gear

If there’s any confusion with which version this game is, this is the first Guilty Gear to come out and it was a PlayStation exclusive, it was never made available on arcades or any other console of the time and came 2 years after it’s Japanese release date in West.

If you want to know how this game plays like, you can check out some gameplay below, it’s obviously not up to current fighting game standards but it’s definitely a good game

There are 10 playable characters in the game, some with weapons and other tools at their disposal, the game has gained a cult recognition since it was an exclusive and it’s sequels Guilty Gear X came out on various consoles of the time as well as in Arcades, now fans of the franchise can revisit the time, the game first came out and started it all.

While there is currently no release date for the game, it’s likely to come out sometime this year.

Are you excited to play the original Guilty Gear for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC? Let us know in the comments below

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