OPPO’s SuperVOOC Is The Fastest Fast Charge Technology on the Market, Fully Charges R17 PRO in 40 mins

OPPO's SuperVooc
OPPO's SuperVooc

Smartphone innovation seems to be on an all-time high as we reach the end of 2018. From near bezel-less phones to three or more cameras on the back, the modern smartphone has come a long way from its humble beginnings. While we all enjoy these technological innovations and the hardware race that it has ensued amongst competitors, there is an aspect of the modern smartphone that is often overlooked. That aspect is the battery of the phone, the piece of hardware that powers the whole thing. The idea of fast charge just recently gained traction and no one can deny the obvious convenience that such a technology affords them. This is why smartphone companies have started investing in newer and faster fast charge technologies. A good example is OPPO’s SuperVOOC.

OPPO’s SuperVOOC Is The Fastest Fast Charge Technology on the Market

Imagine having forgotten to plug in your smartphone for charging the night before. You wake up for work only to find that your smartphone is below 10 percent of charge. Maybe you are already running late and don’t have the time to wait for your phone to charge to a significant level. In such a hurry it is a godsend to be able to charge your phone up to 40 percent in just 10 mins.

That is exactly what OPPO’s SuperVOOC does. It is currently hailed as the fastest charging technology on the market for a reason. According to tests, an OPPO R17 Pro can be fully charged in only 40 mins.

OPPO's SuperVooc

SuperVOOC is the successor to VOOC which is what really started this whole fast charge business. OPPO has innovated that technology further and today it is known as SuperVOOC. For those interested in numbers, SuperVOOC is capable of outputting 10V/5A and close to 50W of power.

In contrast, VOOC and other traditional fast charge technologies common in phones can only output 5V/4A and 20W of power. This means that SuperVOOC can reach a charging power close to 50W, filling the battery to 40% in 10 minutes. According to the tests carried out, it took 40 minutes for a dead R17 Pro to reach 100% battery level.

Five-core protection

OPPO's SuperVooc
OPPO’s SuperVooc

On top of all that, there is an additional feature at work when you use SuperVOOC. Thanks to a charge-pump high-efficiency step-down circuit the current of the entire path does not exceed 5A, so the safety level is the same as the traditional VOOC in terms of safety and reliability.

Moreover, SuperVOOC adopts “Five-core protection” technology. Be it an adapter, cable or the mobile phone itself, there are five chips for full-scale charging protection. Having such protection, users can charge and use their phone at the same time without worrying about their safety.


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