Mega Man X Mega Mission English Publication Revealed

Mega Man X

It has been 22 years since the original Mega Man X Mega Mission released. Originally published in Hitoshi Ariga’s Rockman Remix manga compilation in 1996. The story is based on the Mega Man X trading card game by Bandai. The story takes place between Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3.

Mega Man X Mega Mission

Udon Entertainment revealed an English publication of Mega Man X Mega Mission created by Hitoshi Ariga. It was not a separate manga but rather appeared in the Rockman X Mega Mission manga compilation in 1996. It will be a first full color, 48-page issue. The story is written by Hitoshi Ariga and colors will be done by Josh Perez.

Josh Perez is a comic book colorist form Texas and now from Florida.

Mega Man Fully Charged Release Date

The English publication will be released in January 2019.

Mega Man Franchise 30th Anniversary

Mega Man Franchise is going to celebrate their 30th anniversary by releasing the new animation Mega Max: Fully Charged. It will make its debut in the upcoming Comic-Con in San Deigo. Where the fans will be able to get a peek at the series and they will be able to watch the exclusive premiere episode.

mega man fully charged

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