Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Leaked from SDCC 2019

Marvel's Avengers Gameplay
Marvel Avengers

Marvel Avengers is an upcoming action-adventure game based on the popular series of comics from Marvel Universe. The game was initially known as The Avengers Project. Square Enix announced some two and a half years ago that the game had entered development, however, it wasn’t until E3 2019 that we saw the very first glimpses of the game. The problem with the E3 reveal was that only a cinematic trailer was shown and not the actual gameplay. Just moments ago, Leaked Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay video was uploaded to Youtube that shows 7 mins of gameplay recorded on a smartphone.

The leak comes in from San Diego Comic-con event that is underway right now. A similar leak also surfaced at E3 this year where a gameplay video of the Avengers game was uploaded to Youtube.

Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Leaked from SDCC 2019

The video in question can be viewed below


There is a good chance the video will be taken off of Youtube but here it is while it lasts. The video shows Thor and iron man in action in what seems like a pretty destructive action sequence. While I do agree that the graphics of the game cannot be fairly judged from a smartphone recording, I do, however, have to say that the gameplay looks riveting and the visuals are on point.

As for the release date, Square Enix finally announced the release date for the game at E3 this year. Marvel Avengers will come out on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia on May 15th, 2020.

Let me know in the comments what you make of the leaked gameplay footage, does it live up up your expectations?

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