Manuganu 2 comes to Android and Windows Phone too [Gameplay Video]

If you are a fan of original Manuganu, The endless running adventure game then you will surely love its sequel Manuganu 2 which is just released for Windows Phone and Android. It was released for iOS a month ago and now it makes its was to other 2 major mobile platforms.

Manuganu 2-1

Manyganu 2 is a running 3D game just like original Manuganu. Player has to run through the levels to complete them avoiding different obstacles. Different type of enemies are there too to avoid them. Like birds that are moving up and down. Moreover there are cactus plants, Big spiders and other kinf of obstacles to dodge them and progress through the level. Player has to jump, fly or swim depending on different levels. There are two buttons at the bottom of the screen. A green button on the bottom right and a red button at the bottom left side. The green button is used for jumping, flying and swimming etc. And the red button on the bottom left is used to stop your character. It is useful to avoid sudden obstacles and ditch enemies.

Manuganu 2-2

There are 40 levels available in Manuganu 2 with 4 boss levels.  At the end of each level there are 3 stars to earn. You earn them on the bases of items you collected in the level and time you took to complete the level. Try to get 3 stars in every level to get extra rewards.

Manuganu 2-3

Mnuganu 2 is aaavailable for free on Android and but it costs $0.99 on iOS and Windows Phone. You can download it now from the links below.

Downlaad: Android || iOS || Windows Phone

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