Tablets are growing in popularity, not just in terms of the end user, but in the retail stores throughout the world. Tablets are being used as kiosks for customers to make purchases, learn about products, sign up for customer loyalty programs and so much more. The best way to make sure these tablets are going to be accessible to the public is to first make sure you have a great stand and then to make sure the tablets are placed in locations where they’re easily found. The great thing about the tablets is they’re not only fun to use, they’re so intuitive even your least tech savvy customers can learn how to use it in seconds.

Tablets Control Market Conversions


new-ipad-miniAs iPad POS systems gain in popularity, there is a push for total market conversion. This means retail businesses which have not made the conversion are being seen as somewhat antiquated and out of touch. Customers seek out the places to shop in that use these tablet POS systems that can be purchased from reliable e commerce solution providers like Shopify which manifests in them the feeling that shopping at other locations. It is a matter of trust. They simply feel that if the stores are unwilling to make the conversion to the new realm of technology, they’re just not trying to maintain the interest of the consumer. Infants and toddlers already understand how to use touch screens and how to pinch and squeeze a screen before they even know how to write their name. Is it realistic to think they won’t expect to make purchases in every store using this technology they’ve grown up with? Making this technology a central part of your business puts you in a position where you’re already targeting those who expect to find the technology in their favorite stores.

Start Outperforming Your Competition

The Wall Street Journal has reported retail businesses which have made the recent conversion to iPad POS Systems vastly outperform their competitors which are not making use of this technology. The reason for this goes beyond the feelings of a business being technologically savvy. People enjoy using these devices to make their purchases. They find them so fun to use that impulsive sales often take place at more often when people are allowed more personal interaction with them at the register. The simple fact of the matter is tablets make people feel as if they can make a purchase without the consequences attached to it. While on some level, they understand they have to pay for it, by moving everything into a digital realm, it’s easier to detach from the act of making a purchase and turn it into more of a game. The winner is the store that provides these tablets on stands throughout the store.

Create Fun Memories

Forbes magazine describes iPad POS systems to be the best brand ambassadors a business can invest in. They cite the memorable feeling a consumer is left with after using them and their ability to make consumers want to return to a location for additional purchases in the future. This is the effect most companies are going for in customer service, customer loyalty programs and all other manner of guest interaction. By tapping into the psychology of the people making the purchase and giving them something fun and memorable, you make it highly likely they will remember the experience and want to experience it again very soon. By eliminating the rudeness of a salesperson having a bad day or just not understanding how to talk to people in general, the shopping experience can be so much more fun.

Learn Even More about Your Customers

Wired says that any retailers who see the iPad POS system as mere novelty needs to switch their mentality or be prepared to be defeated by their competitors who use them. The iPad POS system makes people want to give retailers more valuable information about themselves which can be used for marketing purposes. Information such as email, phone numbers and addresses are more easily obtained when consumers are allowed to input this information into these systems. It’s as simple as requesting information to create a user account for every customer. Once entered the POS system stores the account information on file and remembers the history of every customer. You can learn so much more than just where they live and how to get in touch with them. You can learn what they usually buy from you and how often they come in. This will allow you to offer customers deals that are truly targeted solely for their use. It creates a special bond between retailer and customer which was never before possible.