Kingdom Hearts 3 at X018 Will Have a Playable Demo

Kingdom Hearts III for Nintendo Switch
Kingdom Hearts III

If you have been waiting for a second chance to play Kingdom Hearts 3, you might get it at the upcoming Xbox Fan Fest on November 10th and 11th.

The latest entry in the series is looking at giving fans a new game in the mainline series the continuity of the console games since the days of the PS2. The game has been in development for a very long time now and initially, details on the game were sparse but as time went on we eventually learned more about the game.

Xbox Mexico twitter just announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be playable at the upcoming XBOX Fan Fest on November 10th and 11th. in Mexico. If you live in the area or are planning a trip there, be sure to check out the demo. Fans also got to play the demo at a fan fest earlier this year, but hopefully the developers come with a new build of the game to show the new announced content since the previous public show of the game.

If you are excited to play the game, let us know in the comments section below, because we know that there are millions of fans across the world waiting for the return of this magnificent series.

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