June 10 CS:GO Update Changes B-Doors, Allowing AWP Players To Hold Mid-Doors & B-Doors

June 10 CS:GO Update
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Earlier today, Valve released the June 10 Update for CS:GO. Although the update wasn’t massive, it still introduced some notable changes into the game, particularly the maps. Since CS:GO was released in 2012, Valve has changed many things in the game. It’s what has kept the franchise alive for so long! However, recently, Valve has become somewhat oblivious to the CS:GO community.

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CS:GO hasn’t seen a massive change for some time now and consumers are beginning to become bored. But, yesterday, Valve made a change that consumers weren’t that contended about. Ever since CS:GO debuted, Dust 2 has remained the most-played map in the entire game. In recent years, it hasn’t gone through many changes. However, yesterday, Valve completely changed the meta for bombsite “B”, making it simpler for AWP players to hold both mid-doors and B-doors at the same time.

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As obvious from the image above, the B-doors have been inverted, changing how people play boxes entirely. And, from the position this image was taken from shows the advantage that AWP players now have on the Counter-Terrorists side. AWP players can now hold Terrorists coming from four positions; A-short, mid-doors, B-doors and B-short. Previously, B-short wasn’t an option as the B-doors were impaired the vision.

June 10 CS:GO Update — Other Changes In Dust 2:

In addition to the B-doors being inverted, Valve has also increased the vertical-position of windows near bombsite “A”, making enemies more apparent to players coming from A-short. Previously, these windows allowed Counter-Terrorists to blend in with the textures, making it complicated for Terrorists to spot from A-short.

June 10 CS:GO Update Release Notes:


  • Added the ‘Boost Player Contrast’ advanced video setting, which improves the legibility of players in low contrast situations.


  • Adjusted some agent textures for improved visibility.


  • Adjusted dropped C4 collision geometry.
  • Fixed Danger Zone drone pilot camera getting stuck when drone received burn damage.
  • Added Desert Eagle shell eject event for last bullet fired.


  • Minor texture streaming optimizations.



  • Removed large ivy-models near bathrooms by A site
  • Removed thin windows in bathrooms by A site
  • Removed bicycle by picnic by A long
  • Brightened up connector tunnel
  • Brightened up T spawn
  • Added nice stone trims

Dust 2:

  • Flipped B site doors
  • Simplified background when looking from B tunnels towards truck in mid
  • Changed fog start distance from 1000 to 512, changed max density from .2 to .4
  • Raised windows by A site ramp to make characters stand out more


  • Removed trash pile at top of mid
  • Trimmed plant by T spawn, towards apartments
  • Boosted light in market window
  • Fixed silent dropdown bug from B site balcony
  • Changed angle of ladder in ladder-room


  • Trimmed ivy by CT spawn towards A site arch
  • Fixed CSM shadow from tower in mid


  • Added new train bumper model with flat top


  • Replaced ladder to sniper’s nest with a box
  • Cleaned up several important angles.
  • Added 1v1 Arenas
  • Replaced cargo containers with new model for improved performance
  • Visibility improvements in T entrance to A Main
  • Fixed unwanted/unintuitive wallbang in Mid Shed
  • Subtle color tweaks
  • Various clipping fixes
  • Optimizations

What do you think about these changes? Comment below and tell us about your opinions!

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