Jaeyun Joins Brawlhalla in the latest update, becoming the 50th Legend

Jaeyun joins Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a free to play 2D fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games and published by Ubisoft. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and on PC via Steam and macOS. A new legend Sellsword Jaeyun joins Brawlhalla legends becoming the 50th legend available in the game. The new legend equips a sword as a default weapon. A brand-new weapon is also introduced in the latest update that can be used by future legends: The Greatsword.

Jaeyun is available for 7200 Gold and will be playable with three skins: Death Jester, Hanbok, and Gilded Glory Jaeyun. He can use two weapons: a sword or a greatsword. The details of the attack moves can be found right down below. The game also features crossover skins from different games and shows. Recently, Ben 10 joined Brawlhalla in the newest crossover event.

Jaeyun Joins Brawlhalla in the latest update

Here are the complete details of Jaeyun, the Sellsword:

New Weapon: Greatsword Signature Attacks

  • Neutral Signature – Jaeyun slices his greatsword in an arc, upheaving pieces of the earth as it glides through the air.
  • Side Signature – The grounded version of this move has Jaeyun slam his greatsword into the earth, slicing through large rocks and enemies on hit. In the air, Jaeyun launches a vertical swing that sends enemies diagonally down off-stage.
  • Down Signature – On the ground, Jaeyun sweeps the earth with one long slice, sending opponents flying. When performed in the air, this downward slice spikes opponents.

Sword Signature Attacks

  • Neutral Signature – Jaeyun flies upward in a spiral of wind, slicing his way to the sky.
  • Side Signature – Jaeyun uses his crafty misdirection to kick up dirt at the opponent. If it hits his opponent, he follows through by stabbing behind him and into his opponent.
  • Down Signature – With another trick up his sleeve, Jaeyun jumps back to feint his opponent, then follows up with a nasty forward slash.

Jaeyun Skins Preview

Death Jester Skin Preview

Jaeyun joins Brawlhalla
Death Jester skin

Hanbok Skin Preview

Jaeyun joins Brawlhalla
Hanbok Skin

Gilded Glory Skin Preview

Jaeyun joins Brawlhalla
Gilded Glory Skin

Jaeyun Trailer

Check out the release trailer for Jaeyun down below.

Brawlhalla can be downloaded from Steam for free. Until today the game has attracted over 30 million players around the globe is one of the most played games on Steam with over 13K concurrent players.

Write your opinions about Jaeyun down in the comments below. Is the character balanced or does it require some nerfs?

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