Intel May Delay 10nm and Desktop SkyLake Successor in 2018, Says a Leak

A recent leak has surfaced the web, which highlights that Intel may delay the launch of its 10nm architecture along with the desktop SkyLake Successor in 2018. The leaked roadmap comes from NDA platform Intel Confidential. The roadmap is subjected to change and nothing is sure as of this moment, unless Intel comes up and announces the leaked news officially.

However, a little is mentioned about the Coffee Lake-S updated SKUs, which may come in Q1 2018 and later. According to leaked image, the new SKUs will feature dual-core CFL-S CPUs. These CPUs will be designed to target entry level audience. Intel may start the production of new SKUs somewhere in March-April 2018.

The leak also tells that in 2018 Intel will update its SkyLake-X platform to Cascade Lake-X. The Cascade Lake-X architecture is allegedly based on 14nm+ fabrication node. It will be considered as a refined node. The exact date is not mentioned in the leak, however it is expected to happen in Q4 2018, as seen in the leaked image below.


From the leaked data it can be safely assumed that SkyLake-X HEDT will not see its successor in 2018. The roadmap also completely misses out on Z390 chipset and rumored 8cores/16threads CPU. It only shows Z370.

The noticing aspect of leaked roadmap is the N-series of processors. From the leaked image it is shown that Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake will be 10W SOCs. With Gemini Lake coming out in 2018 in four and two core variants.

We highly suggest to take this news source as grain of salt. The leaked information comes directly from Intel confidential NDA platform, but still its not announced officially. We will keep you update just in case Intel confirms the leaked images as the official roadmap of SkyLake, Gemini lake and HEDT lineup of processors.


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