Humble Choice Games Leaked For December 6th 2019

Humble Choice Games Leaked
Humble Choice Games for December 6th

Humble Choice is the latest feature from Humble Bundle, where you can choose some games from a total of 10 titles. Subscribers were to choose from some secret games on 6th December, but now it seems that the Humble Choice games have leaked.

The leak comes from Humble Bundle themselves and now has been taken down.

Humble Choice Games Leaked

If you visit this archived page for the Humble Choice section, you’ll see that under the choice banner, there are 10 titles listed.

Humble Choice Games Leaked

These aren’t visible anymore on the main site, and we’ve taken a screenshot just in case.

The titles are shown here have a really sizeable total value, and you can visit the Steam pages from the links below.

All these titles have a total value of $272 USD which is higher than any bundle before.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Void Bastards and Blasphemous are all recent titles, and having the option to get 9 of these in a total of $20 isn’t a bad at all.

You can also choose to get 3 out of these 10 titles for $15.

If you’re interested in this subscription, you can visit the Humble Choice link here.

There is also a third package called, that doesn’t include these titles, but gives access to Humble Trove and a 10% store discount.

The store discount is valid for all the subscription tiers.

Humble Bundle continues to be an excellent platform providing a variety of decent titles monthly.

Nothing has been confirmed, but given how the banner was removed, this is pretty much legit at this point.

What do you think about these leaked titles? Will you give this subscription a go? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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