How To Skip Mafia II: Definitive Edition Intro Videos On PC?

Mafia II: Definitive Edition Intro Videos
Mafia II: Definitive Edition Steam

If you’ve played the remastered Mafia II on PC, you’ve probably pondered upon how you can skip the intro videos. Well, you’ve come to the correct place! In this article, we will explain how you can skip the Mafia II: Definitive Edition intro videos on PC.

Guide To Skip Mafia II: Definitive Edition Intro Videos:

Intro videos can be irritating whenever you want to play a video-game, but fortunately, the solution is straightforward. Here’s what you can do;

  • First, go over to your SteamLibrary folder in the drive that you’ve downloaded the game to.
  • From there, go to the steamapps folder.
  • Then, go to the common folder and you should find a folder named Mafia II Definitive Edition.
  • From there, you can navigate to the following folder;
  • From the video folder, delete or rename the following files;

Once you’ve performed all of the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to skip the annoying intro videos in the game.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition On Steam:

One day ago, 2K released the remastered version to the infamous Mafia series. With the Mafia: Definitive Edition, the esteemed video-game features the same campaign with more enticing graphics (4K-compatible). Mafia II: Definitive Edition is a part of the remastered series that the publishers have re-packed for the adherents of this crime-series.

The Mafia series originally debuted back in 2002 and became a worldwide sensation in only a few months. After almost four years since the release of Mafia III, the Trilogy has returned. In only under a day, enthusiasts of the series hopped on the bandwagon of the remastered series. The video-game made thousands of sales on Steam in only a few hours of release.

The developers had been hinting to the remastered series for a while now, so it only makes sense that the eminent series was met with such support with the recent versions. However, as with all new releases, come issues and hindrances.

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