How to improve Death Stranding Anisotropic filtering on PC (NVIDIA)

Death Stranding Anisotropic filtering
Fragile from Death Stranding

Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions. It is the first game from Kojima Productions and originally came out on the PS4. Now, the PC version is available through Steam and Epic Games Store. For the most part, the game runs pretty well and is one of the best ports we have seen. If you want to improve the Death Stranding Anisotropic filtering quality, here’s how you can do it.

This guide is for NVIDIA based systems only and doesn’t apply to AMD cards. AMD also has an edge in performance when it comes to non-RTX GPUS. According to Digital Foundry, the RX 580 runs the title more consistently than it’s equivalent GTX 1060.

Improve Death Stranding Anisotropic filtering Quality

If you are using an NVIDIA GPU to run Death Stranding, you can improve it’s visual clarity even more. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Open your NVIDIA control panel, and select 3D Settings
  • After this, select Manage 3D Settings
  • Head into the Program Settings
  • Now, in the “Select program to customize” drop-down list, select Death Stranding
  • Set the value of Anisotropic filtering to 16x
  • Click on Apply after following the steps. These steps are shown in the image below as well.
Death Stranding Anisotropic filtering
NVIDIA Control Panel

Following these steps will improve how the terrain looks in the distance. If you are on an RTX GPU, you can even enable DLSS 2.0 to improve video quality even further.

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