How to Fix Anthem PC Crashes, FPS Drops and Launch Issues

Fix Anthem PC

Anthem is EA’s attempt at creating a Warframe and Destiny like co-op shooter, where you raid forts, gather loot and repeat. So far, the reception for the game hasn’t been what EA expected, from sales to the critical reviews. With the game finally out, here’s how to Fix Anthem PC Crashes, FPS Drops and it’s various launch issues.

How to Fix Anthem PC Performance Issues

Anthem has been riddled with some issues on the PC version, and while performance is quite decent, there’s a lot of bugs that hinder the player experience. We’ll be going over some tips for you to improve performance, and fix crashes.

Fix Anthem PC

Anthem High CPU Usage

  • Start the game and tab out. Now, click on Origin (top left corner) and open the Application Settings.
  • Leave this window in the back and tab back into the game.

As strange as it sounds, it will lower your CPU usage.

Anthem Low FPS on NVIDIA GPU

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, open Nvidia GeForce control panel and head to manage 3d settings. Now head to the Program Settings tab and choose Anthem. Apply the following settings

  • Texture filtering – trilinear optimization – ON.
  • Texture filtering quality – PERFORMANCE.
  • Texture filtering anisotropic sample optimization – ON.
  • Power management mode – Prefer maximum performance.

Anthem High loading time on SSD

  • Go to Control Panel and select System and Security.
  • Head to Advanced System Settings and click on the Performance box Settings.
  • Now, you have to check the Advanced Tab and then Virtual memory [change] make sure your pagefile is set to your SSD and not ur HDD.

Fix Audio Stutters in Anthem Game

Open your audio drivers UI and change the default format to 24bits 44100hz or 16bit 44100. This is used to fix various audio cutout and drops.

Update your Nvidia drivers to Game Ready 419.17 for Performance Increase

NVIDIA’s latest game ready drivers 419.17 are available and optimized for Anthem and Dirt Rally 2.0. These drivers will definitely increase performance for your NVIDIA based systems.

You can download these drivers here.

Update your AMD drivers to Adrenalin 19.2.2 for Performance Increase

Get the latest AMD Drivers for your GPU to gain a performance increase in Anthem. 19.1.2 were specifically released for Anthem’s beta, and the new driver will also give some increase.

You can download these drivers here.

General Tips to Reduce Crashes and Launch Issues

  • Refresh your Anthem settings folder by moving folder contents to your desktop: C://Users//”Username”//Documents//BioWare//Anthem//settings.
  • Disable Origin in-game: Application Settings -> Origin In Game -> Disable Origin In Game
  • Perform a video driver re-install  NVidia or AMD.
  • If you use a Windows 10 N version, you need to install the “Media feature Pack für Windows 10“.
  • In case of random crashes or freezing issues try to set-up your Video Quality settings. Might some of the settings are causing your crash.

Low Specification PCs Tip to remove stuttering

Instead of playing the game on low-medium settings, try running the game at high or ultra presets. This will supposedly shift the load from your CPU to GPU, and give you an actual boost. This isn’t a joke, some people are reporting that this is actually helping them gain fps and remove stuttering.

What did you think about our guide to fix Anthem PC version? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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