How to disable Dead Space 3 Mouse Smoothing on PC (Steam)

Dead Space 3 Mouse Smoothing
Dead Space 3 Screenshot

Dead Space 3 is the last entry in the iconic survival horror franchise from Visceral Games and EA. It originally came out on PC via Origin but is now available through Steam as well. The PC version still has some issues unaddressed so we’re making sure you don’t run into any issues. If you want to disable the Dead Space 3 Mouse Smoothing on PC, here’s how you can do it.

We’re glad to see EA titles coming to Steam again, and hope that this trend remains the same with their upcoming game as well. Many titles that were only available on Origin have made their way to Steam in the past few weeks.

Disable Dead Space 3 Mouse Smoothing

Mouse smoothing can be a pretty annoying feature in a third person shooting title. You can’t disable it in-game, but there’s a way to manually get rid of it.

  • Open Windows Run by either pressing the Windows Key + R, or searching for it in Windows Search
%LOCALAPPDATA%\EA Games\Dead Space 3\

Dead Space 3 Mouse Smoothing
Windows Run Dead Space 3
  • Open the general.txt file
  • Now, add the following line
control.MouseSmoothing = false
  • Save and exit the file

After you are done with this, you won’t run into any mouse smoothing issues in-game.

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You can purchase the title on Steam for 50% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale. Keep in mind that you will need Origin to run this title, just like how Uplay titles work via Steam.

We’re hoping to see the entire EA catalog head over to Steam eventually, so players have more choice with their storefront.

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