Google Pixel 3 scratches can be easily removed, Tested

Google Pixel 3 Scratches
Google Pixel 3

Google released its latest and much-anticipated Pixel 3 smartphone just recently. Overall, the Pixel 3 by Google seems like a promising smartphone with one major point of contention among the fans, that huge Notch on the top. While aesthetically the Notch does play a role in making the device look bad, however, no one can deny the premium glass back of the smartphone. Some people did complain that the glass back is easily scratchable, to settle this, Reddit user SpiderTechnician came to the rescue and demonstrated that Google Pixel 3 Scratches on the back are not permanent.

Google Pixel 3 scratches can be easily removed

SpiderTechnician visited a Verizon Store and tested out the Pixel 3 on display there. He tried to scratch the white and pink models but noted that those colors didn’t easily scratch at all. He tried scratching the back of the black model with a coin and saw visible scratches. However, he discovered that just by rubbing the scratches on the glass back made them vanish.

He concluded that the scratches under normal use would only be cosmetic and not permanent. However, he revisited the Verizon Store, this time to scratch the glass back of Pixel 3 with a key. He found the same results, no permanent scratches.

Seems like the glass back on Google Pixel 3 is a lot more durable than people think. We have no doubts that the construction of Pixel 3 is solid. We cant wait for the smartphone to start shipping so that reviews can come in.

This is for now, feel free to leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the Google Pixel 3.

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