Google Hangouts has its own website now

Google Hangouts

As now we know that Google has finally accepted its defeat on Google+. It first separated the Google Photos service from Google+ by creating its own website and providing a separate app for mobile phones. And now Google has separated the Google Hangouts as well from Google+.

Google has built a whole new website for Hangouts Now you can simply go to and start using the service right away. Google has made the Hangouts a lot easier to use. The website has now big buttons for making a call, a video call or sending text messages. Once you click on any of these, You’ll be asked to select the contact you want to connect with.

Google Hangouts-1

There is a photo background in the website which will keep changing every few minutes. You will still be able to access the Hangouts by using old methods. For example through Gmail or through Google Plus. It is just another new and easier way to connect with people using Hangouts.

Google has been focusing on Hangouts since a couple of months. It has also redesigned its Android and iOS applications to meet the new design standards.

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