Get PSVR Top Exclusives in a 120$ Bundle

If you needed some good PSVR Top Exclusives to play, your prayers have been answered!

The PSVR is the only VR experience for console players at the moment, and while the library of games is limited, here are 10 PSVR Top Exclusives which you can buy for only $120! That’s $12 a game, which is a lot of value!

The PSVR is the PlayStation 4‘s answer to the PC VR market, offering the Virtual Reality experience to console gamers. The PSVR comes with a good library of multi-platform and exclusive titles to entice current owners of the headset into expanding their library with some really good games.

Get PSVR Top Exclusives in an unbeatable value.

The upside to this deal is that its significantly smaller and has no expiry date on it like the 5 games for $70 we posted earlier. The bundle is currently without any time restraint and it only takes a humble 90GB of space on the console. That is pretty modest considering how the sister sale takes 151GB on the PS4.

The bundle currently 490 RM, which rounds off to roughly 120 USD. You can look at the sale by going here.

If you want to know about the included games in the bundle, they are:

– BOUND: Shattered Kingdom
– Farpoint
– Here They Lie
– PlayStation® VR Worlds
– RIGS Mechanized Combat League™
– Star Strike™ Ultra VR
– StarBlood Arena
– Tumble™ VR
– Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The list comprises of a healthy mix of games ranging from first-person shooters, racing, puzzle, and competitive games.

The current offerings might not be as captivating as the previous deal, but over here you are getting a better selection of quantity matched with quality too!

Just like the previous deal, you will need to have 90GB of space on your PS4, along with a PSVR headset, camera, and move controllers to play these games. If you are willing enough, you can also find the gun made for Farpoint on eBay for quite a bargain if you are willing to spend enough time.

While the library of games may not seem impressive, the reviews on each of these games to warrant the price for each as you can easily get a handful of hours of entertainment from each game alone, with Until Dawn as a fun game you can challenge your friends to play with you and play for some healthy competition.

Farpoint becomes especially fun if you decide to shell out some extra cash for the gun attachment, and even better if you can borrow one from a friend.

The selection of games being offered is truly something you can’t miss if you are a PSVR owner, so if you do have the resources to make Malaysian PSN account, and scrounge up the Malaysian Ringgit needed to take advantage of the deal, we highly recommend you do!

In addition, Paris Games Week is happening in a couple of days, and Sony has teased some new games for the PSVR. These games should keep you at bay and perhaps give you a reason to dust off the old helmet while you wait for the announcement of the new titles!

With all of this in mind, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you find this to be a deal worth sinking your money into and making one extra account for? Let us know in the comments section below!