Game of Thrones 6 Spin-Offs We’d Like to See

Game of Thrones Spin-offs

Game of Thrones the show which has everything. This show has the capabilities to jump you from your seat or leave you cliff hanging. The show concluded its season four finale which was not only amazing but also left a lot of questions in mind for the next one. And yes, not to mention that now we have to wait for God-knows how many months before the premiere of the next season.

So in return we are demanding something full violence, gravy and Drunk Cersei. To that end we are pitching a slate of Game of Thrones spin-offs that would help is in the dark days until season five arrives.

Hot Pie:

Game of Thrones - 1

Hot Pie has gone from a big mouth in season one to a plucky and talented little cook, also with a big mouth. And yes, the big mouth who was nearly gutted by Arya Stark. A cooking show/talk show would be perfection for this big mouth chubster. He could chat with the big names of Westeros while showing us how to cook.

Ramsay’s Most Xtreme Elimination Challenge:

Game of Thrones - 2

I was thinking of a cooking show starring Ramsay and Reek. But two cooking shows just won’t cut it. More true to the character of Ramsay would be an obstacle course show. Think the famous show Wipeout, but replace the obstacles with spikes or sharks.

This could very well be a Game of Thrones spin-off.

Keeping up with the Tyrells:

Game of Thrones - 3

A “reality” show following the scheming Olenna, the beautiful but duplicitous Margaery, pretty knight Loras, and dad Mace would be devastatingly addictive. Like really addictive.

With the involvement of this Family in the Game of Thrones, the season has surely taken a step ahead.

CSI Hodor:

Game of Thrones - 4


Now that Bran can use his ability of Warg to leap into the body of lovable giant Hodor. How would it like if the two solve crimes being cop buddies?

Bran and Hodor, better love story than Twilight.

The Beast & Li’l Payne:

Game of Thrones - 5

Many of the fans have fallen hard for the greatest and weirdest couple of Westeros. So why not spin-off a “Perfect Strangers” style sitcom about the woman warrior and city squire Podrick Payne’s travels and adventures?

They are a lot of fun to watch in the Game of Thrones.

Drunk Cersei & Hoda:

Game of Thrones - 6

Imaging how next level it would be if Druck Cersei, the Quess of Mean and usurped Gifford? Lena Headey gave us a taste on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Can you blame us not wanting more?

Courtesy to these brilliant ideas and pictures go to MTV.

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