Elden Ring Gameplay, Lore and World Information We Know So Far

Elden Ring Gameplay

Elden Ring is an upcoming open-world action RPG game by FromSoftware. With almost no information about the game itself, FromSoftware only released a teaser trailer of the game back in 2019. The game is one of the most anticipated games in the upcoming years. The reason Elden Ring is hyped so much is that it is developed by not only FromSoftware but the story is written by George R. R. Martin himself. If you’re not familiar with FromSoftware that means you have never played any SoulsBorne games before and Sekiro as well. But for people who have played FromSoftware games before, they know how amazing this release will be. A verified ERA user has revealed tons of Elden Ring gameplay, lore, and world information on Reddit that you can check out right down below.

The game will feature for the very first time the world will be populated with different races, unlike any FromSoftware game. Online PVP will also be a part of the game. A day and night system is added to the game. FromSoftware has focused a lot on exploration as underground exploration plays a very significant role. Keep reading for more.

Elden Ring Gameplay, Lore and World Information

You might wonder if these are made up facts, should you trust these? According to /u/miyahedi21, this information was extracted from a verified user and from Hidetaka Miyazaki’s, the genius behind SoulsBorne and Sekiro, interview. The user has a record of 3+ years track record of being correct on FromSoftware. So, let’s get straight to the interesting stuff:

Gameplay Details

Here’s are some of the gameplay details you will see in the Elden Ring:

  • A day/night cycle has been added, that is not just for the aesthetics. Different enemies and events will occur depending on the time of day.
  • A dynamic weather system is also here.
  • Elden Ring will be ditching the static world like in previous titles. The world will be on a constant move. The enemies will constantly on move. The events will occur without the player manually triggering them.
  • The world is full of dangers and threats, eliminating them will give the players rewards that will make the exploration worthy.
  • Roaming enemies of various sizes will be in the vast open world. You will be able to see large roaming creatures in the distance while exploring.
  • The game doesn’t take place in just a single land like past Fromsoft titles. It will have multiple locations each with its distinct qualities, characteristics, visuals, and recognizable inhabitants.
  • The Elden Ring itself affects the open world in massive ways, and its impact can be felt in the open world very strongly.
  •  Elden Ring will have the highest gear count & variety in any Fromsoft ARPG yet.
  • Underground exploration plays a significant role in the game.
  • This time players will have more options in how they approach situations than in previous Souls’ titles.
  • To make the world even more immersive, wildlife is included as well.
  • An enhanced lighting system is also here to add to the immersion of this ever-changing open-world. You could enter a zone at dawn on a rainy day and exit with the night setting in and clouds clearing the way for the sky.
  • One of the core pillars of Elden Ring’s design was to make sure they created a meaningful and fully realized world to the best of their ability. A world that contains a wide variety of exciting situations and experiences in the open world. To make the world feel alive and as fully realized as possible, like a place you can truly immerse yourself in and lose hours to and to a massively greater degree than in previous titles.

Lore Details

Here are a few details about the lore which George R. R. Martin is working on,

  • For the first time, the world will be populated with different races, unlike previous FromSoft titles where most races were humans or humanoid.
  • George R. R. Martin’s involvement can be fully felt, as this is the most fully realized world FromSoftware has ever created, with an almost “encyclopedic” amount of history to it. It is a world with already functioning bodies, kingdoms, and major players. Even gods and demigods are in.
  • When the Elden Ring shattered, the barrier that kept out the most “horrible” and “unimaginable” things broke down, and these beings have been slowly making their way in.
  •  Schools of magic just aren’t about what magic elements they wield, but what organization you feel the most connected to and which ideals you most closely believe in. Each organization has its own ideologies and motivations, this will be reflected in their sub narratives as well as the people who wield it.
  • Unlike in previous titles, this time players will be given a more personal story narrative and motivation in comparison to past titles.
  • You will play as a Human character.
  •  The game will have a brighter overall tone, but will also have plenty of the weird and bizarre things you’d expect from a FromSoftware game. Some of the darkest stuff they’ve ever done is here as well.
  • End quote from the lore post:

What you’re left with is a larger world than Dark Souls with places that aren’t just alluded to, but you get to explore yourself, facing a more intense and far further reaching internal as well as an existential calamity when fundamental forces of this universe are broken. Leaders and nations, the divine and the fiendish, all in conflict and you find your place throughout all of this. Resulting in a powerful narrative with more dramatic weight than preceding titles but not any more overbearing.

What’s your favorite part from this post? Do you think Elden Ring will be able to become the Magnum Opus of FromSoftware?

Source: Reddit