Fortnite Patch 8.50 Brings Avengers Events and More!

Fortnite Patch 8.50

Fortnite Patch 8.50 will be the last patch for Season 8, but it seems that it ties in perfectly with Avengers: Endgame, a sequel to 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. The patch notes went live only minutes ago but right now we know that there is going to be an Avengers themed Limited Time Mode (LTM) that will see the return of Thanos, and could also feature the use of Marvel cosmetics. Items like Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe, Iron Man’s Suit, Captain America’s Shield and perhaps, Hawkeye’s Bow?

Fortnite Patch 8.50 – We are in the Endgame now

The patch notes for the above just read

“Join the battle for the Infinity Stones! Fight as Chitauri and Thanos or wield Avengers items in the Endgame LTM.”

Fortnite 8.50 Update: LIMITED TIME MODE: ENDGAME

Thanos and his Chitauri invade the Battle Royale island, in search of the six Infinity Stones.

Mode Details

  • Endgame features a team of heroes fighting to stop Thanos and his Chitauri from claiming all six Infinity Stones.
  • Both teams respawn when eliminated until the other side completes their objective.
  • On one side is the Hero team. Heroes respawn when eliminated until the enemy team has found all six Infinity Stones.
  • Heroes start with a treasure map that leads directly to a Mythic Avengers item.
  • Other Avengers items can be found in Chests throughout the map.
  • The goal for the Hero team is to destroy the Chitauri army and defeat Thanos.
  • Team Thanos is comprised of Chitauri Invaders and Thanos himself.
  • Chitauri Invaders start with a powerful laser rifle, an anti-structure grenade attack, and a jetpack that lets them briefly leap high into the air.
  • The first Chitauri to recover an Infinity stone will be transformed into Thanos.
  • Thanos has a powerful punch, a destructive beam attack, and the ability to jump high into the air and then smash anything in his way when he comes back down.
  • Each time an Infinity Stone is claimed, Thanos’ abilities grow more powerful and the Chitauri gain health.
    • Reality Stone (Red) = Heath & Shields doubled (1000->2000)
    • Soul Stone (Orange) = Siphon activated (grants Thanos shields only)
    • Mind Stone (Yellow) = Jump height doubled
    • Space Stone (Blue) = Ground Pound AOE size tripled, damage x6
    • Time Stone (Green) = Big knockback added to each hit, damage x3
    • Power Stone (Purple) = Laser damage x6
  • If Thanos is eliminated from the match, another Chitauri will become him after a short wait (unless Thanos is the last one standing).
  • If Thanos & the Chitauri find all six Infinity Stones, Heroes will no longer be able to respawn.
  • The goal for Thanos and his army is to find the stones and then eliminate the remaining heroes.


The game mode is expected to go live when the servers return from downtime from the patches.

Last year we only had the ability to go toe-to-toe with Thanos in the form of players in Solo mode dropping to catch the Infinity Gauntlet falling from the sky. Players who are able to get their hands on the gauntlet are transformed into Thanos. They got larger pools of shield and health, but lost the ability to build and use inventory.

In return, the players were able to jump, use a guided laser weapon and have a super punch.

The patch is yet to be dismantled by leakers, but rest assured that if there is any Marvel cosmetics hidden in the game, these are the people who will find it!

Fortnite recently released a full-fledged Marshmello skin in Fortnite. Complete with a glider and harvesting tool. It seems that Fortnite and Avengers have made quite the partnership. The collaboration comes 1 day before the global premiere date for Avengers: Endgame which is set to debut on the 26th of April.

Keep in mind that the items could cost a pretty penny, but these are also going to be limited edition items. Much like Marshmello. Items like this will only be allowed to be sold during a specific period of time. If you have been holding on to precious V-Bucks or looking for a reason to buy them, this could be the best time to buy some.

Fortnite 8.50 Update: WEAPONS + ITEMS

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • The Hold to Swap functionality is now confirmed upon releasing the Use button rather than when initially pressing it.
  • This should help with the issue of accidentally swapping.
  • If a player is eliminated by fall damage while inside a vehicle, the player that last damaged that vehicle will receive the credit for that elimination.
  • Re-enabled hit markers to be server-side authoritative instead of client-side.
    • This will help prevent instances where players see hit markers but no damage.
  • Players that were Rebooted into Rifts were teleporting into the sky but would not enter skydiving mode.
  • Vehicles weren’t getting impulsed away from the Reboot Van.
  • Collision for the Reboot Van was not affecting some vehicles, allowing them to hide inside of the Reboot Van.
  • The yellow “invulnerability” effect wasn’t appearing on players who were revived by the Reboot Van.
  • The Reboot Card was still playing its spawn sound even if the player disconnected.
  • Dropping inventory items while in vehicles with weapons is now blocked to prevent various camera issues.
  • Traps were occasionally being placed in the middle of a tile rather than against a wall when using Builder Pro.
  • When exiting vehicles, the equip animation will now always play before weapons can be fired.
  • This will prevent the issue where players would occasionally see themselves fire right after exiting a vehicle before the server had time to register the shot.
  • The elimination feed text will no longer display the “eliminated by ally” message if an ally interrupts a player reboot animation.
  • Fall damage was being taken when using a Jetpack (in supported Limited Time Modes) after being launched from the Pirate Cannon.
  • Players were not able to negate fall damage using a Flintlock Pistol while crouching.
  • Players couldn’t see the nameplates of party member’s Reboot Cards in the UI.
  • Players would not drop a Reboot Card if they were eliminated after confirming a Reboot but before their teammate actually spawned.

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