For Honor: The Zhanhu’s Gambit Event Now Available

The Zhanhu's Gambit
The Zhanhu's Gambit

For Honor is wrapping up its third year, and with that, there’s a brand new event. The Zhanhu’s Gambit is now available on all platforms and will be available for some time.

After this, For Honor will head into it’s Year 4, which is called ‘Year of the Reckoning’.

For Honor: The Zhanhu’s Gambit Event

Check out the trailer for the event below

This event will be available until 2nd January 2019. Zhanhu’s Gambit will delve into the journey of Sun Da and his role in the conflict between the Wu Lin and the Blackstone Legion.

A variety of customization items and rewards themed around the event, including orders, arcade quests, outfits, weapons, effects, emotes and ornaments will be available during the event.

The following items can drop randomly at the end of all matches:
  • Battle Outfit: Gao Lei’s Warrior
  • Ornament: Gao Lei’s Keepsake
  • Idle Effect: Gao Lei’s Ultimate
  • Emote Effect: Gao Lei’s Ultimate
  • Execution Effect: Gao Lei’s Ultimate

In this four-player PvE mode, players will have to escort the Emperor and protect him against hordes of enemies to secure his escape.

From now until January 6, players can purchase the Zhanhu’s Gambit Bundle at 45,000 Steel per Hero, which includes items such as outfits, emote, effects, and ornaments.

This price may differ based on items players have already unlocked from the bundle.

Both For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege are going strong, and we’re glad to see Ubisoft supporting both titles despite their weak launches.

For Honor Year 4: Year of the Reckoning

Moving on, For Honor will move into its fourth year, with new content, including four new Seasons, two new Heroes, and new armor sets.

You can read more about Year 4 at the following link.

For Honor Year 4: Year of the Reckoning

What do you think about this event? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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