Download PUBG 1.0.15 for Android (APK) and iOS (iPA), Brings New Training Map, New Vehicle

PUBG 1.0.15
PUBG Mobile

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is arguably the most popular battle royale game second only to Fortnite, however with the recent release of Blackout the BR scene is gradually changing. PUBG did manage to capture a tremendous audience and after its monumental success on  PC, it was released on Android and iOS which was very well received. Today, Tencent developers,  the team behind Mobile PUBG has released the latest iteration of PUBG mobile that is PUBG 1.0.15.

What’s New In PUBG 1.0.15 Mobile?

Bug Fixes

  • fixed some game bugs. 
  • Optimized the performance of some models. 

New Map

  • A New training map has been added to PUBG mobile.
  • single-player exclusive,
  • enter special combat drills,
  • challenge the control limit
  • prepare for the next chicken dinner 

 New vehicle

  • Bigfoot beast and Ronnie which are two new vehicles that have been added in the latest update.
  • The bigfoot beast is only available for a limited time
  • Ronnie is a small pickup truck that helps driving around in the jungle terrain in Sanhok.

New Team Match

  • participate in the king of the team competition, the most powerful team!
  • New version of the Friend Watch System. The new version lets you watch friends get that chicken dinner.

Friend system optimization

  • Optimized the list of friends, you can now set the priority to display specific friends, and it is more convenient to give gold coins now.
  • Add a bonus item to your friends to quickly increase the intimacy between your friends. 

Motion Optimization

  • Optimized the performance of empty hands and running with guns. 
  • Optimized the performance of jogging/running. 
  • Optimized the performance of the pickup action. 
  • Optimized the performance of climbing/overtaking. 
  • Optimized the performance of punching.
  • Added a deceleration action before the parachute landing. 

Weapon-related optimization

  • Optimized the lens shake effect when the firearm is fired. 
  • Added the hold-open mode. The player can now select in the settings, press and hold the aiming button to open the mirror and turn off the mirror when released.
  • Added the ability to slide the screen to turn the angle of view.
  • Optimized the precision of the shooter in regards to recoil.
  • Fixed the problem where the gun’s own iron sight is not displayed properly after the equipment is equipped with a sight.
  • Optimized the kar98k reloading animation.
  • Grenade and pistol will now be displayed on the character.
  • Tactical master mode adds a jetpack!

Download PUBG 1.0.15 for Android (APK) and iOS (iPA)

Now that you know what’s good with the latest patch let us see how you can download the latest patch on your smartphone. You can download PUBG 1.0.15 for iOS and Android from the links below.

Download PUBG 1.0.15 for Android (APK)


Download PUBG 1.0.15 for iOS (iPA)

How To Install PUBG 1.0.15 On Android

Step 1- Download PUBG 1.0.15 APK from the link above.

Step 2- Transfer the downloaded APK file from your computer to your smartphone.

Step 3- Navigate to the folder where the APK file is, tap it and grant it all the permissions it asks for.

Note: You may need to go to the security settings of your phone and then tap on “Enable Installation From Unknown Sources” if it’s not already enabled in the developer settings.

Step 4– Let the APK file install, once done, start the game and wait for any additional data if it needs to be downloaded.

…and there you have it, PUBG 1.0.15 Chinese APK has been successfully installed on your smartphone. Enjoy the game and make sure to check back TNM for all the latest game related news and updates.

Also, leave us a comment down below if you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share with us.





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