Download Multibowl 1.3.2 By Bennet Foddy If You Missed It!

Whether or not you were aware about it, Multibowl is a famous game in the world of video games that has only ever made an appearance in presentations and other shows, but someone let the only copy out on the internet for 45 minutes, you can download multibowl which is enough time for people to grab the game.

What is Multibowl?

If you have played Warioware on the Nintendo Wii, you might be familiar with the format of playing various fast multi-player games beating the clock to see who wins first, but this game will let you play against another person, and is in a sense a series of retro games giving us the portions that are time restrained before taking us to the next game.

Multibowl is a collection of 300+ MAME games, which has 2 player mode.

Thanks to Jason Scott, who tweeted out the torrent for the game, gave people on twitter enough time to quickly grab the game.

Multibowl comes to us from the brilliant mind of Bennet Foddy, the creator of CLOP, QWOP, and more recently from the viral browser game, Getting Over It which is a YouTube / Twtich smash-hit.

Download Multibowl
Image Courtesy of ResetEra

The tweet was later on deleted and replaced with this.

What ever the case may be, we are glad to report that we got our hands on a copy of the game and we are glad to share the link with all of our readers!

Keep in mind that the game only runs on Windows, so for those of you out there who are running Ubuntu or Mac, you are all out of luck.

You can click on the link below to download Multibowl which fares at a modest 640 MB in size.

Click Here to Download Multibowl 1.3.2

This is indeed a great surprise and we can truly call this a Christmas miracle since a game we never thought would see the light of day is finally here!

NOTE: you need two Xbox 360 Controllers to play the game according to initial users on Twitter, but there are reports that Joy2Key also works. We will be sure to look into it!

Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on Multibowl and whether it is everything you thought it would be!

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