COD Mobile Season 2 Week 5 Challenges for MP and Battle Royale

COD Mobile Season 2 Week 5 Challenges
COD Mobile

COD Mobile Season 2 is it’s fifth week, with festive goodies. The game has a Battle Pass system that allows you to earn experience, and upgrade your tier by completing the Cod Mobile Season 2 Week 5 challenges.

You can purchase the premium battle pass as well, to earn more experience, and get more loot and rewards.

COD Mobile Season 2 Week 3 Challenges

Weekly Challenges for MP

Use 2 Weapon XP Cards

You can earn Weapon XP Cards by playing the game, and completing these battle pass challenges. The weapon XP cards allow you to upgrade your weapons.

Use them twice to complete this challenge.

Kill 2 Enemies with Scorestreaks in MP Matches

Scorestreaks are special abilities that you can unlock during a match, that help you and your team. All you have to do is earn points by killing enemies and doing objectives.

There are a total of 10 scorestreaks that you can unlock by playing the game, and you can equip a limited number of them in your loadout.

The most common and easy to get is either the Molotov Cocktail or the UAV, which can be used to ping enemy players on the map.

Use 2 of them in any number of MP matches and you’ll be fine.

Win 2 MP Ranked Matches

Win a total of 2 MP ranked matches. We recommend playing deathmatch if you’re not that good since you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

Win 4 MP Ranked Matches

Win 2 more ranked matches to complete this one as well.

Premium Weekly Challenges for MP

Play 1 MP Ranked Matches

Just play one ranked MP match, and this will be completed. You don’t need to win to complete this one.

Fire 300 ammo in MP Matches

This is super easy, as most automatic rifles hold a good amount of ammo anyway. Just unleash your weapon randomly a few times and complete this challenge.

Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

Open Weapon Supply Box once in Battle Royale

Supply boxes are scattered around the map and contain high tier loot, and if you’ve played the game for a while, you’ll know exactly what. Just open it once, and get that loot.

Play 1 Match with friends in Battle Royale

Add a friend to your list and play a Battle Royale match. You don’t have to win it, and the challenge will complete either way.

Play 2 Matches with friends in Battle Royale

Play another match with any friend/friends to complete this one as well.

Premium Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

Kill 2 Enemies with an AR in Battle Royale

Equip any AR, and either drop into any hot zone or get 2 kills in any number of battle royale matches to complete this challenge.

These are all the MP and Battle Royale challenges for Season 2 Week 5 of Cod Mobile, and compared to other free games in the same category, these are fairly easy to complete.

Check out the previous week’s challenges as well

While you’re here, make sure you check out our troubleshooting guide for launch errors that players have been facing.

What do you think about the guide? Are you enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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