COD Mobile Season 2 Week 3 Challenges for MP and Battle Royale

COD Mobile Season 2 Week 3 Challenges
COD Mobile

COD Mobile Season 2 is it’s third week, with controller support, and zombies. The game has a Battle Pass system that allows you to earn experience, and upgrade your tier by completing the Cod Mobile Season 2 Week 3 challenges.

You can purchase the premium battle pass as well, to earn more experience, and get more loot and rewards.

COD Mobile Season 2 Week 3 Challenges

Weekly Challenges for MP

Kill 1 Enemy with Grenades win MP Matches

Get a kill with a grenade in any amount of MP matches. It’s fairly simple, and if you’re playing Frontline or Team DeathMatch, you’ll easily get it.

Use Operator Skills 3 times in MP Matches

You only need to activate your operator skill 3 times in any number of MP matches. Head over Frontline or Team DeathMatch to get quick kills and thus using the skill quickly.

Win 2 MP Matches

Win a total of 2 MP Matches, and again, we recommend the most popular game modes, that are always populated. Frontline or Team DeathMatch is your go-to for this one.

Win 4 MP Matches

Get more wins, and you’ll unlock this as well.

Premium Weekly Challenges for MP

Kill 2 enemies with Operator Skills MP Matches

Operator skills are essentially weapons, with the exception of a shield, that you unlock as you play the MP modes. You can unlock Purifier very early on, and use it during the match, but these don’t last forever so we recommend using them quickly.

Getting 2 kills should be a piece of cake with any operator skill, as these are quite effective at dealing with multiple enemies.

You don’t need to get 2 kills in the same match, so don’t worry about not getting enough kills in a single match.

Play 2 MP Matches

Play a total of 2 MP matches in any of the game modes.

Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

Travel 300m with any vehicle in Battle Royale

You don’t have to drive 300m total in a single match, so don’t worry about getting it done quickly. Take your time, and do it in multiple matches.

Survive in Battle Royale for 1200 seconds

Survive a total of 1200 seconds, which is 20 minutes. We recommend camping in deserted locations and pass the time for this one.

It can get a bit tricky, but that’s part of the challenge.

Survive in Battle Royale for 2400 seconds

Use the same strategy as mentioned above, and survive a total fo 40 minutes in Battle Royale.

Premium Weekly Challenges for Battle Royale

Walk 200 meters in Battle Royale

Just run around, and this challenge will be completed fairly quickly. You don’t need to complete that much distance in a single match.

These are all the MP and Battle Royale challenges for Season 2 Week 3 of Cod Mobile, and compared to other free games in the same category, these are fairly easy to complete.

Check out the previous week’s challenges as well


While you’re here, make sure you check out our troubleshooting guide for launch errors that players have been facing.

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