Where to buy Xbox One X Online

If you want to get on board the latest 4K craze and missed the chance to pre-order the Xbox One X, here is your one-stop guide on where to buy Xbox One X Online.

Don’t Know Where to buy Xbox One X Online? We got your back!

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s next Xbox One, the selling point of the console is superior hardware specifications that are able to provide a stunning 4K output on select games.

If you missed the chance to pre-order your console before, there is still before the console launches. You can head to the following links and get your hands on one while stocks last, and maybe even find one that includes a game in the deal.

Thanks to TechRadar for compiling all the links:

Xbox One X pre-orders (USA)

Xbox One X pre-orders (UK)

You can see that there is a lot of variety with the deal here.

Current games such as The Evil Within 2 are already pushing the 4K update for the new console, while upcoming games like Need for Speed Payback will offer 4K resolution shortly after release or shortly after depending on the developer.

With all the hype around the 4K craze, now would be a good time to get on it with the help of the Xbox One X, and we have seen from Shadow of War that the Xbox One X is truly a worthy competitor in the 4K wars when going against the well0settled PS4 Pro.

The console launches globally on the 7th of November, so we hope you have your pre-order ready!

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