Writing for Kids designed to teach children

Kids learning is a very important to parents and with the advance in technology now a days developers thinks to bring learning on tools which parents and their children use almost daily. Yes when a child is born his world revolves around the most amazing technologies in the form of phablets, tablets, laptops and much more. So now a much good effort is done by some sets of developers to help parents in order to make their young ones study with fun. Introducing you with Writing for Kids.

Writing for kid’s app is designed to teach children to write Alphabets (Capital & small) and numbers. It’s a digital worksheet, where children draw & practice alphabets & numbers multiple times. Just like teacher/mentor, this app helps the child to learn how to draw an alphabet & number by following simple tricks. It uses the State of the art technology for recognizing letters and numbers and make the child to do exactly how the letter should be written and does not accept the writing until it is done perfectly or near perfection, with natural sounds and voice overs a perfect teacher for children to make them learn their first writing lessons. With easy & interactive user interface, children loves to use this app.

Writing for Kids

Writing for Kids

Writing for Kids

So most of you would be thinking which device this application would be running on. So Writing for Kids is available across Windows platform as well as Android platform. But one of the interesting thing about these publisher is that, this isn’t their first product they have many other famous products that engage a lot of time for children when it comes to learning. You may visit their Android Store and as well as Windows Store for further more apps.

On an honest note I tried this application on my laptop which actually gave me some trouble when using this application because of the mouse. It’s especially designed for touchscreen laptops, tablets and phablets.

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