Windows 10 October Update Game Mode Stops Installation of Drivers / Interruptions, Increases FPS

Windows 10 October update:

Microsoft Windows 10 is one of the most used operating systems with over 700 million devices running it. Microsoft Windows 10  October update was released earlier today. This update brings a lot of cool new features for its users like Your Phone app, Cloud clipboard, New Screenshot tool and better HDR/Ray tracing support for Nvidia’s new RTX series but our main focus is on the  Windows 10 October update Game Mode improvement.

Game Mode Improvements:

Based on the feedback Microsoft has simplified the way how game mode works in their Windows 10 October update, now Windows 10 game mode will suppress Windows update in the background along with driver installation and also blocks the windows update popup interruptions such as “restart now” that users had to face while gaming.

Being a gamer myself I think the new improvements in game mod will greatly reduce the annoyingness of having to face the windows update or ant driver update notification during your gaming sessions.

FPS Boost:

With the new Windows 10 October update gamers can also expect significant FPS boost and performance improvement depending on specific games and system. Windows 10 October update also features better HDR/Ray tracing support. It means if you own Nvidia’s RTX 2080 or 2080ti, you should have this update installed in order to gain full potential of your GPUs.

Game Bar Improvements:

Microsoft has made some significant changes in the game bar with Windows 10 October update, with game bar enabled users can see their GPU and CPU usage along with average fps. This will also remove the need of using any third party applications to check average frames and usage during gaming sessions.

Windows 10 October Update Game Mode Stops Installation of Drivers / Interruptions, Increases FPS

  • Game bar will feature new and cleaner look.
  • Better Audio controls, so you don’t have to minimize the game in order to change audio.
  • Game bar now itself is an app so enabling it is easier than ever.

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