Christian Bale

As Christian Bale is known for his extreme body transformation for his movies and shed weight several times in the past. As in 2004 he was playing a role of a weak man suffering from insomnia so he lost 28 KG weight and for many more movies he gained and lost weight for his role.

christian bale

Now he had done this tough task again for his upcoming movie. It is surprising that how Christian bale transformed into portly former vice president Dick Cheney look that is an extreme transformation. It is difficult challenge for a 43 years old guy to resemble with a 76 years old Dick Cheney. Adam McKay is the director of biopic of the 46th vice president of U.S form 2001 to 2009. Last week he was spotted on an errand run in Los Angeles. He was looking chubby and unrecognizable in the photos clicked by the paparazzi.

Christian Bale

Just look at the picture he was wearing a grey shirt with shorts. He was in clean shave and with a shot hair cut. This unrecognizable look of him just hit social media.

This biopic of Dick Cheney is based on his career. As in an interview, McKay said that he is fascinated by Cheney and wanted to write a story about his methods of gaining power.

You can see the picture of Dick Cheney and Christian Bale below:

dick and christian bale

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