The Gargoyle Onyx joins the Brawlhalla Roster as the 49th Legend

Gargoyle Onyx
Gargoyle Onyx

Ubisoft has announced the latest legend to join the Brawlhalla Roster, called The Gargoyle Onyx. She is now available, and you can play with her right now.

The free-to-play game keeps providing new content, and a healthy amount of crossovers.

The Gargoyle Onyx

Check out the trailer for the newest legend below

Onyx is available to purchase for 7200 Gold.

Her skins are currently available for 140 Mammoth Coins each and include the following.

  • Guardian Onyx
  • Project-0NYX
  • Soulbound Onyx


She has the following moves during combat

Cannon Signatures

  • Side Signature – After a big forward swing of her tail, Onyx shoots a blast of energy forward.
  • Neutral Signature – Onyx grabs the cannon with her tail and shoots a huge blast of energy diagonally upwards.
  • Down Signature – Onyx quickly turns to stone, then explodes out of the stone armor with her wings, tail, and cannon.

Gauntlets Signatures

  • Side Signature – Onyx uses her wings to float about the ground, then swipe her claws into the ground to launch her opponents.
  • Neutral Signature – Onyx uses her wings to fly up diagonally and swipe with her big claw.
  • Down Signature – She slams the ground, making huge shards of rocks come up, then follows up with a big tail swipe.

Onyx releases alongside the Cannon update that brings changes to three attacks:

  • Side Light – This big swing had its movement and arc of the weapon swing both changed.
  • Neutral Light – Instead of thrusting the cannon forward, this attack now has a forward blast that is followed up with a spin and second blast on hit.
  •  Down Air – This attack now shoots a blast instead of swinging the weapon. It shoots diagonally downward and splashes off of the ground.

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