Rumor: Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 Leaks So Far

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1
Kali from Shifting Tides

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is at the end of its fourth year, and here are all the leaks regarding Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1.

The last operators have been revealed for the year, and we’re very excited to try them out.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1 Leaked Content

This is a compilation of all the leaks revealed so far, from prominent leakers like RolyNoly1, Kormora, and blueiguanadon.

  • Country of Origin: Greece
  • Attacker: Can sprint through soft walls and barricades
  • Attacker Weapons: Not known at the moment
  • Defender: Can use a Medical Drone
  • Defender Weapons: Not known at the moment
  • Elites: Capitao, Montagne

Capitao’s elite skin has been revealed today, so this one is pretty accurate. Watch the trailer for it below.

  • Pro League Sets: Kali, Wamai, Mute, Twitch
  • Big Changes: Complete overhaul of client-side artifacts and debris
  • Tachanka Rework: Change in playstyle
  • Finka Rework: WIll be changed to a more traditional medic
  • Shield Op Changes: No explanation provided, but changes are planned
  • Year 5 will focus on quality of life improvements
  • Pro league pilot skins will relaunch with new skins in Y5S1
  • New GameMode: Stadium (Multiplayer Pvp warm-up mode)

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season 4

Check out the latest reveal for the new operators of year 4.

Here are some technical details about the new operators.

Attacker: Kali

  • 2 speed, 2 armor Operator from India
  • Gadget: LV Explosive Lance

Primary Weapon

CSRX 300

  • Bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Variable 5x and 12x scope
  • Shots penetrate multiple walls (or multiple enemies)
  • Easily destroys hatches and barricades
  • Bullets have a distinct smoke trail
  • When you are downed by this gun, you will automatically spin to face the direction of the shot

Secondary weapons:

  • C75
  • P226 MK-24

Secondary Gadget

  • Breaching Charge
  • Claymore


  • Wamai’s Mag-Nets & Jäger’s ADSs
  • Can be destroyed by shooting the tail end

Defender: Wamai

  • 2 speed, 2 armor Operator from Kenya
  • Gadget: Mag-Net System

Primary weapons:

  • MP5K
  • AUG-A2

Secondary weapons:

  • P12
  • Rhino D-40 revolver

Secondary gadgets:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Deployable Shield


  • Mag-Nets can be shot

What do you think about these leaks? Are you excited to try out the new operators? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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