Rumor: Kingdom Hearts III for Nintendo Switch Could Be In The Works

Kingdom Hearts III for Nintendo Switch
Kingdom Hearts III

No gamer needs an introduction to the extremely popular Kingdom Hearts franchise that started its life on the PS2 back in 2002. The Kingdom Hearts series is developed by Square Enix and it is an action RPG game centered around a character known as Sora. The game incorporates many of Disney’s various characters into the story since it is a collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix. Today, a rumor caught our attention that Kingdom Hearts III for Nintendo Switch could be materializing.

Kingdom Hearts III for Nintendo Switch A Possibility?

Now it won’t be completely implausible for a game like Kingdom Hearts III to see the light of the day on Nintendo Switch since demand for the game is ample if we were to look at the fan base. Nintendo Switch players have shown keen interest on various forums that they will buy the game in a hurry should it ever arrive on Switch. However, the rumor isn’t entirely based on the wishes of certain Switch players, instead, a source close to Square itself has commented that,

“Square Enix is heavily interested in bringing Kingdom Hearts III specifically to the Nintendo Switch”

As for the origin of this rumor, it comes from a YouTuber known as “Dreamcast Guy“. Now, of course, you might think to yourself why should you trust a random dude on Youtube who happens to know someone at Square Enix. Well, that is a good question but I must add that Dreamcast Guy had previously leaked Final Fantasy presence on Switch even before the Nintendo Direct. So one could say that he probably knows someone on the inside.

Kingdom Hearts III for Nintendo Switch

Can Nintendo Switch handle Kingdom Hearts III?

Moving on from all that, let’s suppose that Square Enix does decide to release Kingdom Hearts III on Nintendo Switch, the question here is, does the Nintendo Switch has the juice to handle the game? because the last thing we need is something like “Kingdom Hearts III Pocket Edition”. This is a legitimate concern as many people have pointed out online, Kingdom Hearts III is a resource hungry game from the looks of it. An early look at the game and its vast levels certainly confirm that the game is more suited towards consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One which is essentially what’s it going to release on originally.

All that being said, keep in mind that a port is not entirely possible. Who knows maybe they will tone down the visuals a bit to fit the hardware capabilities of Switch. Many agree that this conversation alone has given rise to many other possibilities such as older Kingdom Hearts games being ported to Nintendo Switch.

For now this is all we have on the topic, we advise to take all of the above with a slight pinch of salt since nothing has been officially confirmed.

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