Donna Burke Working With Nintendo

Rumor that Donna Burke Working With Nintendo for a mystery project has sparked great conversation with her fan base and has them guessing what her next big project is!

Donna Burke has many talents, with her most recent acknowledgements being to the highly successful Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as the voice of the iDroid and also singing “Sins of the Father” for  the game that was a major part of the marketing and promotion of the game.

The talented singer has posted a mystery tweet on her personal account where she says

While fans have been going haywire with the speculation of her involvement in games, they are especially ecstatic on the singer returning to F-Zero to reprise role in an upcoming Nintendo game by the name of F-Zero GX.

The game made a temporary apperance on her IMDB page as well:

F-Zero GX (Video Game)
Mrs. Arrow (voice, uncredited)

She originally appeared in F-Zero X (1998) as the same character too.

While she tried to evade any further guess work from her fans, she released a followup tweet stating:

While the IMDB listing is hard to ignore, we can only hopethat she is working to return one of the forgotten classics of the console giant to futher boost Nintendo Switch sales. The return of a new F-Zero or her voice talents contributing to a new Metroid Prime have made fans excited over whats to come.

Donna Burke is well known for her vocal talents in video games, and has previously worked with major Japanese studios such as Nintendo and Konami. Whlie she has no involvement in Death Stranding or any other Hideo Kojima project, her working on a Nintendo game at the moment can help makesure Nintendo’s promise of a fruitful year for Switch titles in 2018 lives up to its promise.

What are your thoughts on the game that she is working on? Do you have a favorite Nintendo IP you would like to see return? Let us know in the comments section below.