Razer partners with Tencent Cloud to work on Cloud Gaming

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The future of gaming has changed drastically over the last decade and it continues to do so with the advent of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is the new big thing in the gaming world, while it is true that the service was first launched way back in 2010 by companies such as OnLive, its popularity, however, has been rejuvenated with the announcement of Google Stadia early this year. Now it seems that new players are joining the game as Razer has just announced its partnership with a Chinese based cloud service company Tencent Cloud.

The new venture is aimed to bring hardware and software products geared towards gamers via a platform that is accessible via the cloud. However, this is not the first time the two tech giants have come together, previously Razer was appointed as a founding member of Tencent Global eSports Arena-Tech Alliance.

Razer partners with Tencent Cloud to work on Cloud Gaming

The two companies will focus on three spheres of cloud gaming including hardware, software, and some miscellaneous aspects.


The two companies will manufacture hardware products such as a gaming device for instance that would be compatible with Tencent’s cloud service. Tencent will also extend its support for existing Razer peripherals and accessories to accommodate gamers from all over the world.


The partnership will also work towards the integration of Tencent’s cloud gaming titles with Razer’s software products in order to further improve players’ gaming experience and interactions.


Razer will see to it that Tencent’s reach is expanded beyond their typical demographic and into an international domain. The company will use its extensive fan base to introduce Tencent’s gaming titles overseas. Moreover, as the founding member of the Global eSports Arena-Tech Alliance, both companies will borrow each others’ expertise to further enrich the esports ecosystem.

Let me know in the comments what you think regarding this partnership. What are your expectations our of it?

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