A Famous Hollywood Producer Assaults Nadia Khan’s Daughter in Dubai

Nadia Khan

Ex-television host of a popular morning show, Nadia Khan has lodged a case in Dubai against the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a well known United States (US) talent agency who happens to be a Hollywood actor and producer, for allegedly assaulting her daughter.

Nadia Khan Assault Case

She says that her daughter was giving audition for “Disney thing” and later on she found out by other people tweets that it was all scam. She has also uploaded these pictures to prove that her daughter was actually assaulted.

Nadia Khan


Khan accused that her daughter was given a two-line script and before she could finish, she was “grabbed and pushed so hard that she fell on one of the parents.” “No one has the right to touch my child let alone subject her to public humiliation and physical abuse,” Khan added.

Nadia Khan-1


An independent organization, Xpress Journalists says that the talent agency like these claims to be Disney production lures the parents and claims to make their kids stars and not only this, they also demand huge amounts of money for giving acting classes.

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