Play Monster Hunter: World For Free on Xbox One and PS4, Trial Ends Dec 17th

Monster Hunter: World For Free
Monster Hunter World

We have some good news for Xbox One and PS4 Players. You can play the highly acclaimed title by Capcom, Monster Hunter: World for free on the aforementioned consoles. Monster Hunter: World is an Action RPG game developed and published by Capcom.

The story of the game involves our main character who is a hunter accompanied by his trustee assistant, both of whom are members of the Fifth fleet which is an expedition force tasked with the study of such creatures as Dragons- powerful beasts that can affect entire ecosystems. It is a highly immersive story with a well-structured plot that is sure to keep the player hooked for hours on end.

Monster Hunter: World

The game was nominated for many awards, however, it has won two, Golden Joystick Awards for Best Co-operative Game and The Game Awards 2018 for Best RPG Game. Total sales of the game stand near 10 million copies across all platforms. It is no question then that the game is highly successful.

Play Monster Hunter: World For Free on Xbox One and PS4, Trial Ends Dec 17th

The free to play trial of the game on PS4 and Xbox One was announced by Capcom yesterday in a tweet.

If you own any one of the mentioned consoles then there is no reason not to try the game especially if you are into well-structured RPGs.

The game was originally released on PS4 and Xbox One on Jan 26, 2018. However, the PC version saw a little delay and was released on 9th August.  Moreover, there is an expansion pack scheduled for release in Autumn 2019. The expansion pack is called Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and the trailer for it dropped a couple of days ago.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailer

This is all for now, do let me know in the comments if you plan on playing Monster Hunter: World For Free on PS4 or Xbox One.