How to install Monster Hunter World A2 ‘YoRha’ Outfit Mod

Monster Hunter World A2 'YoRha' Outfit Mod
Monster Hunter World A2 'YoRha' Outfit Mod

Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. It is one of the most successful titles of all time released by Capcom. It also has a very thriving modding community on PC. If you want to install the Monster Hunter World A2 ‘YoRha’ Outfit Mod, here’s how you can do it.

The title already has crossovers with many CAPCOM franchises including Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Other characters from series like Horizon Zero Dawn and Witcher have also made appearances.

Monster Hunter World A2 ‘YoRha’ Outfit Mod

With this mod, you can play as A2 from Nier Automata. To get this mod working, follow the steps below.

First, we need to set up Stracker’s Loader, so the mod itself can work

Now, we can install the main mod. Follow the steps below

  • Download the mod files from Nexus Mods
  • Keep in mind, that this will replace Ciri or Claire, depending on what files you download
  • Now, extract the mod files, and drag the nativePC folder from the mod folder into your Monster Hunter directory

That’s all you will need to get this mod working. You can also enhance the quality of the mod, by downloading the A2 void pack as well. The mod features remastered 4K textures, voice, 2 hairstyles, jiggle physics, and partial facial animations.

You can see the mod in action below.

The modder is updating this one, so keep an eye on it. They have the following plans for it, that are below.

  • A2 Accessories Pack –  Release Date TBA
  • A2 Hair Color Pack –  Release Date TBA
  • A2 Pod Interactions – Release Date TBA

What do you think about the mod? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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