How to fix Red Dead Online crash at launch on PC

Red Dead Online crash at launch
Red Dead Online

Fans of Red Dead, that want to experience the online part can now do so by purchasing the standalone version for $5. This introductory launch promotion is available on all platforms and will run till 15th February 2021. Red Dead Online contains everything in the online experience and gives players to buy the main single-player through the application. Now, if you are on the PC version, and are running into a Red Dead Online crash at launch, here is how you can fix it.

If you are already playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you can access the online mode through that. The crash at launch issue is a notorious issue in this game and happens with every new update.

Fixing the Red Dead Online crash at launch issue

Some users have reported that they can’t seem to run the game after they launch it. For some users, there’s no screen at all, and the game immediately crashes, while for others, it is a black screen with a white loading bar that stops midway.

Since the game performs better with Vulkan API, this issue is mostly related to that. Both issues are related, and you can try the following to fix it.

Delete SGA files

  • Head over to the following destination
C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings
  • Here, delete all the files with SGA in them, as shown below
Red Dead Online crash at launch
SGA Files

Relaunch the game, and the issue should be fixed!


Simply update your drivers either through your GPU’s software compoenent, or download directly from the website

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