Horizon Zero Dawn Game Details and PC Version

Horizon Zero Dawn Cover

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive action-role playing game (RPGs: explained somewhere in my article Mass Effect: Andromeda) which is played in third person view. The game is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by none other than Sony Entertainment itself. It was released on the first of March, 2017 in EU and on 28th February, 2017 in NA.


Horizon Zero Dawn is set up in a post-apocalyptic world (like most of the other games now a days because it’s cool since like, forever). After the human race mastered robotics and holographic, some Terminator kind of shit occurred which lead to Robotic domination of the world. Whatever left of human race started to live in tribes, coexisting with the big, small and normal ass ‘Machines’ (yes this is what the robots were referred as in this game. Creative much!). There are twenty different designs of ‘Machines’ in this game. Humans rarely use to hunt the ‘Machines’ they can, for the parts used for forging different kinds of useful stuff. With time, bigger and more aggressive toward humans machines are appearing due to some mysterious phenomenon.


The game is set centuries after the apocalypse, so late in the future that the creators of these machines are vaguely remembered as ‘Old Ones’ and their inventions in technology are considered taboo. Among those many tribes, there’s a nature-worshipping tribe Nora which even punishes wrong doers by kicking them out of the tribe in the open world to survive, referring to them as ‘Outcasts’.

Gameplay and Plot

You play as the protagonist Aloy, which is the daughter of an outcast trained as a huntress. Explore and survive the open world, discover your identity through an emotional story line. While being at it, kill those robots by setting traps, using explosives and different combat techniques. You can even hack some of the machines and use them to your advantage as your personal vehicle and shit like that. There’s also an option of Fast Travel, just in case you are sane.



While moving through the story, the experience you gain is used to climb up the skill tree upgrading your skills as ‘Prowler’ (improving stealth), ‘Brave’ (improving combat) or ‘Forager’ (improving forging).

My personal opinion relating the game is, the story, synopsis and gameplay makes it one of those must play games and one can say it has earned its rating of 9.3 on IGN.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Version

From the website of the game it is clearly confirmed that Horizon is exclusive for PS4 which means it is not coming to Windows or any other platform. Sadly folks this time you have to get PS4 just for this beauty.


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