Horizon Zero Dawn for PC listed on Amazon, Published by Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC has been heavily rumored and reported by reliable sources, and now it seems that an actual listing has shown up on Amazon.

Sony still hasn’t announced the PC version, however.

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC listed on Amazon

If you head over to the following link, you can see a listing for Horizon Zero Dawn with Windows as the platform. We’ve taken screenshots in case this gets taken down.

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC

This listing was spotted by Twitter user AllGamesDelta.

Sony has yet to announce the PC version yet, and the 2 year anniversary of the game is in 2 days.

Renowned gaming journalist Jason Schreier did a piece on Kotaku claiming that he’s been told by reliable sources about the PC port.

For now, take this with a grain of salt, but Amazon listings usually aren’t fake/false. The 2 year anniversary could be a great time to announce it for PC.

PS4 titles on PC?

This will make Horizon Zero Dawn the first, first-party PS4 title to come out on PC.

We’ve seen Detroit Become Human, and other Quantic Dream titles come out on PC, via the Epic Store, but that’s not a first-party studio.

Death Stranding is another PS4 only title that is now coming to both Steam and Epic Games Store. The game is also made on the same engine as Horizon Zero Dawn.

If Sony is really interested in bringing more PS4 titles to PC, that will mean that more first-party exclusives could make use of PCs, and run at higher framerates and resolution.

With Xbox titles coming to PC as well, this might be what the future of gaming looks like.

If you’re interested in reading his article, you can give it a look here.

What do you think about this listing? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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