Hollow Knight Switch Version along with Gods and Glory Free DLC Revealed

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition for PS4
Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania video game developed and published by Australian studio Team Cherry. The game’s gorgeous visuals, excellent soundtrack and the sheer amount of content with various levels, hundreds of enemies, memorable bosses and a beautiful heartwarming tale for the price of only $15 is absolutely amazing. The game is my personal game of the year for 2017. Oh, and did I mention it has free DLC? Yes, you read that right, for a game that only costs only $15, it has free DLC as well. Nintendo fans can rejoice because the absolutely amazing Metroidvania is coming to switch and we’ll be showing some off-screen gameplay here. Check out the details for the upcoming free DLC and Hollow Knight Switch Version here.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory

This is the third free content pack released by Team Cherry for Hollow Knight, check out the fantastic trailer below and details ahead

Free Content Pack 03 – Coming to Hollow Knight early 2018, for all players!

New Character and Quest – The Godseeker arrives (and your romance options expand). Track down this disturbing yet alluring being, break her chains and aid her in an ancient duty.

New Boss Fights – Hallownest’s greatest warriors raise their blades. Prepare yourself for giant new boss fights against the ultimate foes. Each new battle intertwines with the Godseeker’s quest. No specifics on how that’ll happen, but it may not be as you expect!

New Game Mode – Hollow Knight receives a third game mode. This one’s been long requested and is a classic for the genre. Complete the Gods & Glory story to unlock the new mode.

Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory
Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory

New Music – Christopher Larkin is going all out for Hollow Knight’s final free pack, with new soaring boss tracks and giant remixes of some beloved classics.

Glorify Charms – Prove yourself and uncover a whole new depth to your charm collection. Gods and Glory can be accessed at any point in your Hollow Knight journey. Prepare to ascend, Early 2018, free for all players!

Hollow Knight Switch Version

The highly requested Switch version of the game is in progress and you can check out the off-screen gameplay provided by Team Cherry here

 As you can see the game is running beautifully and it’s making me want to get back to the game as soon as possible. For more details keep following The Nerd Mag
You can grab the Steam version here.
Are you excited to play the Hollow Knight Switch Version? Will you be playing the free DLC? Let us know in the comments below

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