First PS5 Game from Luminous Studios is under development

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Luminous Studios is one of the main studios that operates under Square Enix. It seems that an employee mentioned working on a PS5 title on their linked in profile. Could this be the first of many confirmations to come that the First PS5 game is under development from other studios? Rocksteady already confirmed their presence in the next-gen.

The studio is renowned for their work on Final Fantasy XV. Considering the game went through a turmoil of a development cycle but still saw the release of the game no the PS4, we have no doubt the studio will give us a new Final Fantasy for the PS5.

The First PS5 Game From Lumiunous Could Also be a Final Fantasy Game?

While Square Enix was one of the first studios ready for the next generation with the massive development cycle for Final Fantasy XV, let’s hope that the next game from the studio goes through a lot more smoother sailing than their last title.

Keep in mind that this could be any title from the studio, but considering their portfolio comprises of Final Fantasy XV, its DLC and more content related, could this be first confirmation of the next Final Fantasy game?

What are your thoughts on the mystery title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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