Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Save File Location (Steam)

Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Steam

Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered is finally landed on steam and RPG fans around the world couldn’t be happier about it. Square Enix announced pixel-perfect remastered versions of Final Fantasy 1 – 6 at E3 2021, with a promise of bringing original games with improved 2D graphics, a new soundtrack, and extra content for players to enjoy. If you are one of the players who like to backup their game files regularly and are unable to find Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Save File Location? We have got you covered with our guide.

FF PR sticks to the original roots and provides the same gameplay experience as the original title. The only enhancements for the 2021 release are improved 2D graphics, remastered sound, auto-battle option, and a modernized user interface. It is available on steam for purchase at $7.99 (20% off the original price) until 12th August 2021. Some users are facing performance issues and buggy user interface for which we have already covered few guides to help you out.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Save File Location (Windows 10 – Steam)

Even though this game supports Steam Cloud Saves but one cannot simply trust Steam to have their back when needed. In my personal experience, Steam has successfully failed me in saving game files few times with few AAA titles as well. Following the steps below you can manually copy your saved files to a secure place where they will not be lost that easily. Steam is not only the issue here, being a PC gamer we all know how reliable is Windows or PC hardware. So better safe than sorry.

  • Open File Explorer. You can open it by searching “File Explorer” in the Start menu. It’s also usually pinned to your Taskbar.
  • Go to the disk on which you have installed Windows. Usually your C: Drive.
  • Go to the Users folder and then click the folder that has your Windows username.
  • Open the Documents folder.
  • Inside here, head into the FINAL FANTASY PR folder and then the Steam folder.
  • Overthere you will find a folder with numeric name containing your saved files as seen in the screenshot below:
Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Save File Location

You can also directly paste the following URL in File Explorer to get to your save file.



Once you have found your saved files, it is now up to you how you want to backup them or use them to cheat in the game. Just don’t get banned in doing so. If you still have any questions, ask them in the comments below. We have also covered some other Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered issues that Windows 10 player are facing while playing this game which you can check below.

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