The Evil Within 2

So, guys, the wait is almost over. In just a couple of hours, the most awaited game The Evil Within 2 will be released. The Evil Within 2 game will be releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Sebastian once again will be confronting horrendous horror within the nightmare of an alternate reality. He must complete his mission before everything falls apart and before both of them are lost in the STEM forever. Now you must be wondering who are both of them? Below is launch trailer of the game “The Evil Within 2” and trust me it is very gross. *Watch it on your on RISK*

The game Evil Within 2 is still being developed by Tango Gamework and will be Published by Bethesda Softworks. It is a Third person shooting video game. The game was administered by the creator of the famous series Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami. The game will be played in a Third-person’s perspective as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, he roams through a world of the dead and horrific creatures.

The Evil Within 2: Gameplay

Evil Within 2 marks the returning of Detective Sebastian, who was an alcoholic. People who have played the predecessor of this game would easily remember that his daughter died in a fire accident. Well, here is a surprise for you all. She is not dead but yes she is in a lot of danger.

The gameplay starts with the detective receiving a lead from his partner, who tells him that his daughter wasn’t dead. Sebastian then leaves on a journey with the will of finding his daughter before its too late. Alright, the maps of this game have been made larger than before so you will have ample amount of time exploring. There is more than just finding his daughter, there will be some side quests too. There are two viable options too, Stealth and combat. When it comes to dealing the hideous creatures of the dead, will Sebastian be fighting them or will he find chose to quietly get on his way?

Download The Evil Within 2 Full Game

It will be releasing on Friday the 13th of October. Spooky, right? What are you guys waiting for? Below are the links from where you will be able to buy the game.

The game is up for pre-ordering and cost is only $59.99. So really guys, why wait? Order it now and spend your Friday playing this horrifying game. Here are the official Evil Within 2 Specs for Windows PC.